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Our portfolio


Danka project (2013-2014)

Participation in the construction of 117 apartments and commercial areas. The project is located at the outskirts of Krakow. More information can be found on their website.


Piaski project (2006)

Participation in the construction of 42 apartments in Krakow.


Widlakowa (2008)

Construction of two luxury apartments situated on a hillside.



De Pastorie (2010)

The construction of apartments with commercial areas below. This project, located opposite Sacred Heart Hospital in Mol, attempts to preserve the original streetscape


Centershop (2006)

Renovation of commercial areas and the creation of apartments above. The project is located in the city centre of Mol.


Hangarstraat (2004)

The construction of 5 apartments opposite the station in Mol.


Real estate development

* Stappersdijk, Balen
* Toemaathoek, Mol
* Molderdijk, Mol
* Schansstraat, Mol
* Molenstraat, Balen