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Projects in Belgium and abroad

Drooghmans International NV is a family business whose main objective is developing, implementing and investing in residential and industrial real estate projects in Belgium and abroad.

Drooghmans International NV is an offshoot of construction company Drooghmans NV. Drooghmans NV had been active since 1958 in civil engineering projects such as the building of diverse concrete structures for water companies, railways, etc. These include:

  • Construction of a water production unit at Oelegem for Aqualink
  • Construction of Kinderland in Bobbejaanland

In 1993, Drooghmans NV began investing in real estate projects in Eastern Europe. At the same time, an additional company was also founded in Poland, Hepamos Sp. z o o, focusing on the building and leasing of modular constructions.

Over the years, more and more emphasis was placed on developing projects in Eastern Europe, resulting in the sale of construction company Drooghmans NV and the creation of Drooghmans International NV.